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AmeriKIDS International is a fast-growing pre-school chain in India. We strive to nurture the successful global citizens using our triple-advantage methodology:

  • International methods of teaching and activities
  • Playway methodology to make learning enjoyable for the child
  • Montessori methods for efficient learning

We believe that “Greatness is nurtured, not just born”. We also believe that education should contribute to all-round development of a child. At AmeriKIDS, we nurture the children to reach their full potential, by exploring and learning.

Our prime objectives are:

  • To contribute to the positive physical and psychological development of a child.
  • To make a child self-confident through proper guidance and teaching.
  • To make a child a good and successful citizen by nurturing them to be honest, sincere, hard-working, creative and caring, with pleasing personality.
Latest Updates
New location opening at: Jai Bharat Nagar, Nizampet Road, Hyderabad-85.

AmeriKIDS International is offering franchises for the first time:

Lowest Franchise fees & Fractional Royalties

Best Learning materials & teaching aids

Playway method: activity sheets & worksheets

Re-branding is also available for existing pre-schools

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